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Case: GS Holistic, LLC v. The Partnerships

Contact: Angela Zhang
Client: Shenzhen Tobeco Technology Co., Ltd.

My company was sued for allegedly violating a trademark by GS Holistic. I had close to 400,000 U.S. dollars frozen and was very afraid that I would have large liability. I retained Attorney Ford Banister to represent me. Attorney Ford Banister worked very hard and sent regular updates on how my case was going. Attorney Ford Banister deeply researched the facts of my case, the U.S. company that filed suit against me and the applicable law. In less than one month, the case against me was completely dismissed! I am very satisfied with the result. I highly recommend Attorney Ford Banister!

我的公司被GS Holistic起诉涉嫌侵权他们的商标。我有近40万美元被冻结,我非常担心我会赔偿很多。我聘请了Ford Banister律师代表我。Ford Banister律师非常努力地为我服务并经常更新我的案子的进展情况。他深入地研究了我的案子,这家起诉我的美国公司和适用的法律。在不到一个月的时间,这个案子被完全撤诉!我对于他帮我取得的最后结果非常满意。我大大推荐Banister律师!




Case: River Light V, L.P. and Tory Burch LLC v. Partnerships

Contact: Raymond Wong
Client: Individual Ebay Seller from Hong Kong

A lawsuit was filed against me in the U.S. alleging that I had infringed a trademark. I hired Attorney Ford Banister to represent me. Attorney Ford Banister thoroughly reviewed my case and the evidence. Within just one week, the case against me was dismissed! I did not have to pay a settlement. I highly recommend Attorney Ford Banister to anyone who faces an allegation of trademark infringement. 

在美国有一个指控我涉嫌侵权商标的诉讼。我聘请了Ford Banister 律师代表我。他全面研究了我的案子和证据。在不到一周的时间,这个案子被撤销。我一点都没有赔偿。我大力推荐Banister律师给任何面临商标侵权指控的人。





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