U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York

CASE#: 1:18-cv-1174: Spin Master Ltd. and Spin Master, Inc. v. 158, et al.


CASE#: 1:18-cv-2099: Off-White LLC v. A445995685, et al.


CASE#: 1:18-cv-1565: JLM Couture, Inc. v. Aimibridal, et al.


CASE#: 1:18-cv-901: Ideavillage Products Corp. v. Dongguan Shipai Loofah Sponge Commodity Factory d/b/a Bathing Shop Store, et al.


CASE#: 1:18-cv-543: Spin Master Ltd. and Spin Master,Inc. v. Alisy, et al.


CASE#: 1:17-cv-9358: WowWee Group Limited, WowWee Canada, Inc., and WowWee USA, Inc. v. A249345157, et al.


CASE#: 1:17-cv-901: HICKIES, Inc. v. SHOP1668638 Store a/k/a Professional Shoes Company, et al.


CASE#: 1:17-cv-8872: Off-White LLC v. ^__^ Warm House ^__^ Store, et al.