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The Law Office of L. Ford Banister, II is an international law firm with a practice focus on trademark litigation, intellectual property protection and general U.S. legal matters.

L. Ford Banister, II律师事务所是一家执业范围包括商标谈判,知识产权保护和美国一般法律相关问题的国际律师事务所。

Attorney Banister is licensed to practice law by the State of New York (registration No. # 5446539).  He is a member of the New York State Bar Association, the New York City Bar Association and International Trademark Association. He is also admitted to practice before the Federal District Court for Northern District of Illinois.  Attorney Banister speaks fluent English and basic Mandarin Chinese. Attorney Banister has experience in trademark, contract, personal injury. franchise, consumer protection and fraud litigation.

Banister律师有美国纽约州的律师执照 (律师执照号码5446539)。他是美国纽约州律师协会,美国纽约市律师协会和国际商标协会的会员。Banister 律师也是美国伊利洛伊州北部地区联邦地区法院的注册律师。他的母语是英文他也可以说一些基本的普通话。Banister律师在商标,合同,人身伤害,特许经营权,消费者保护和虚假诉讼等方面有相关的执业经验。

美国律师Ford Banister

Our Advantage



Local Counsel. Most trademark infringement suits are filed in the State of Illinois before the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. Our firm has associated local counsel in Chicago where the court is located. The availability of local counsel means that we can do more than simply negotiate a settlement on your behalf. We have the ability to actually go to court and litigate your case. Where settlement is most expedient or appropriate, the fact that we have this ability enables us to more effectively advocate on behalf of our clients. Only an attorney or law firm with these qualifications can actually litigate on your behalf.




Bilingual communication. We have staff who can communicate with you timely and effectively in English or Chinese.