Q1. What is a trademark?

问题1. 什么是商标


A1. Trademarks, copyrights, and patents protect different types of intellectual property. A trademark typically protects brand names and logos used on goods and services. A copyright protects an original artistic or literary work. A patent protects an invention. For example, the company and product name Coca-Cola are protected marks. The distinctive design of the imagery appearing on a can of Coca-Cola is also a protected mark.



Q2.       What is trademark violation?

问题2. 什么是商标侵权?


A2. Trademark violation is the unauthorized use of a trademark or service mark (or a substantially similar mark) on competing or related goods and services.

回答2. 商标侵权是在竞争或相关商品和服务上擅自使用商标或服务标志(或实质上类似的标记)。


Q3.       If my website did not use the name of the company or product that I am alleged to have violated the trademark of, can I still be held liable?

问题3. 如果我的网站没有使用我涉嫌侵犯商标的公司或产品的名称,我还需要承担责任吗?


A3. Yes. Trademarks include symbols and distinctive design patterns owned by or common to the trademark owner’s products.

回答3. 需要。商标包括商标所有者拥有的或者和商标所有者产品共有的符号和独特的设计模式。


Q4. If I did not intend to violate the trademark owner’s mark, can I still be held liable?

问题4. 如果我没有故意对商标所有者的商标侵权,我还是要被追究责任吗?


A4. Yes, though damages may be less than if you intentionally violated the owner’s mark.

回答4. 是的。但是损害可能会小于你故意去对所有者的商标侵权。

Q5. Why was my website, Paypal or other online account seized?

问题5. 为什么我的网站,paypal或者其他在线账户被冻结?


A5. The plaintiff in the case against you has alleged that you intentionally violated their trademark. The judge presiding over the case has issued an order transferring the domain name to the plaintiff’s attorney or another party and/or freezing your PayPal and/or other accounts.

回答5. 案件的原告指控你故意对他们的商标侵权。该案主审法官已下令转移域名到原告的律师或另一方和/或冻结你的paypal和/或其他帐户。


Q6. Why did no one contact me before my website and/or accounts were seized? Is notice not required?

问题6. 在我的网站和/或者我的账户被扣押前没有人和我联系?不需要通知吗?


A6. Notice prior to seizure of assets is the general method of operation in U.S. courts. However, an exception is made in some trademark violation cases.

There is a very large problem with international counterfeiting of U.S. brands. Actual counterfeiters often simply move their operations to other domains and open new payment accounts when notified of a pending action. The trademark owner then has no remedy against the counterfeiter.

问答6. 美国法院一般会在扣押资产前通知。但是,在一些商标侵权案件上有些例外。国际假冒美国品牌是一个大问题。当被通知有个未决诉讼时,国际造假者往往只是简单地把他们的业务搬到其他域名上和开一个新账户。商标所有人就没有办法对付仿冒者了。


Q7. How much might I have to pay?

问题7. 我需要付多少钱?


A7. The U.S. statute governing trademarks has two different methods of calculating damages. First, the plaintiff may collect actual damages which may be trebled where the violation is found to be willful. Second, the plaintiff may instead elect to receive statutory damages. This means that if a trademark violation is proven, the judge may determine the amount of damages without a showing of actual damages. This is because the damage caused by a trademark violation is difficult to prove. The maximum amount of statutory damages is $2,000,000 per violated mark.

回答7. 《美国商标法》有两种不同的计算损害赔偿的方法。首先,原告可以收集实际损失,如果发现侵权是故意的,损失可能会加倍。第二,原告可以选择接受法定赔偿金。这意味着,如果商标侵权被证明,不需要显示实际损害赔偿金,法官可以确定损害赔偿金额。这是因为商标侵权造成的损害难以证明。每次侵权法定损害的最高金额为2000000美元。


Q8. Can I be held liable if there was only one or a few images on my website allegedly violated a trademark?

问题8. 如果在我的网站上只有一处或者很少的形象涉嫌商标侵权,我还是要被追究责任吗?


A8.       Yes.

回答8. 是的。


Q9. What if I or my company never had possession of the goods but had them drop shipped from a wholesaler or other merchant?

问题9. 如果我或者我的公司从来没有占有过货物而是让批发商或者其他商家发货呢?


A9. Under U.S. law, you can still be held liable for offering the infringing item for sale.

回答9. 根据美国法律,你还是会因为售卖侵权产品被追究责任。


Q10.      What if I or my company never sold or shipped any of the alleged infringing items?

问题10. 如果我或者我的公司从来没有卖出或者发货任何涉嫌侵权的产品呢?


A10.     Under U.S. law, you can still be held liable for offering the infringing item for sale.

回答10. 根据美国法律,你还是会因为售卖侵权产品被追究责任。


Q11.      What defenses might I have against a claim of trademark violation?

问题11. 我需要对被指控商标侵权进行什么样的辩护?


A11.      You may be able to argue that you did not in fact violate the Plaintiff’s trademark. In cases where the marks do not appear to be so similar that a violation is apparent, you may submit a denial. This is a question of fact for the judge or in some cases a jury to determine. An attorney may discover procedural defects in the way the case has been filed or conducted. In cases where a violation is apparent or will likely be found, facts may be submitted which tend to mitigate the Plaintiff’s damages so that you may be required to pay a smaller and in some cases a much smaller sum than what is demanded.

回答11. 你可能会争论说你实际上并没有对原告的商标侵权。在标记并不显得很相似侵权并不明显的情况下,你可以提交拒绝。这是一个由法官或者某些情况下由陪审团来决定的事实问题。律师可能会发现已经被提交或正在进行的案件的程序缺陷。在侵权很明显或者可能已经被发现的情况下,为了减轻原告损失的证据已经提交,你可能被要求支付较少的在某些情况下比索要的少得多的赔偿。


Q12.      I received an email from the Plaintiff’s lawyer. Should I contact them and try to negotiate?

问题12. 我收到一封原告律师的邮件。我是否应该和他们联系并进行谈判?


A12.     No. The sole mission of the Plaintiff’s lawyer is to obtain the largest possible amount of money for his or her client. Delays caused by unrepresented contact with the Plaintiff’s counsel may damage your ability to defend your case.

回答12. 不。 原告律师的唯一目标是帮助他或者她的客户获取尽可能多的金额。和原告律师接触造成的延误可能会损害辩护你案件的能力。


Q13.      What must I do to defend my case?

问题13. 我必须做什么才能辩护我的案件?


A13.      You must file an Answer to the Plaintiff’s Complaint within twenty-one days of the date that you were given notice of the lawsuit. If your domain has been seized, the time period in which you must file this Answer is on the notice that covers your domain name. This date may also be included in an email that you received from the Plaintiff’s counsel.

回答13. 你必须在从你被告知诉讼的那天算起的21天之内对原告的投诉提交答复。如果你的域名已经被查封,你必须作出答复的日期也在包含你域名名称的通知里。这个日期也可能在原告律师发给你的邮件里。


Q14.      What happens if I do nothing?

问题14. 如果我什么都不做将发生什么?


A14.      If you do not file an Answer, the Plaintiff will ask the Court to enter a default judgment against you. The Plaintiff will retain control over your domain(s), Paypal accounts and other seized assets. It may be difficult or impossible to obtain a new Paypal account. Default judgements usually issue in the amount requested by the Plaintiff: $2,000,000 per mark. Interest will begin to accrue on the judgement from the date of issuance.

回答14. 如果你不作出答复,原告将要求法庭对你做出缺席审判。原告将保留对你的域名,Paypal账户和其他被查封的资产的控制。要获得一个新的Paypal账户将会非常困难或者是不可能的。缺席审判经常按原告要求的金额判决:每件侵权2百万美元。从判决日期开始计算利息。


Q15.      There is little money in my Paypal account and I can get another domain or cease doing business online. What happens if I do nothing and a default judgement is entered against me?

问题15. 我Paypal账户里的钱很少,我可以重新申请一个域名或者停止做网上业务。如果我什么都不做,对我缺席审判了会发生什么呢?


A15.      A federal court judgment gives the Plaintiff the power to collect the money from you in a variety of ways. The Plaintiff may seize any bank accounts, real estate, securities or other assets that you or a business that is under your control have inside the United States in order to satisfy the debt and interest on the debt. In some cases, a judgement may be enforced against persons and assets outside the United States. A judgement will appear on your U.S. credit record. The Plaintiff’s ability to seize assets extends to those assets that are acquired after entry of the judgement. This includes domains and online merchant accounts. The ability to conduct business in or with persons inside the U.S. without worry will be eliminated. In some cases, the existence of a civil judgement against you may have a negative effect on pending or future immigration applications.

回答15. 联邦法院的判决赋予原告以各种方式从你那里获取钱财的权力。原告可以扣押你或者你控制的生意在美国境内的任何账户,不动产,证券或者其他资产以满足债务和债务利息。在某些情况下,可以对在美国境外的人和资产进行判决。判决将出现在你美国信用报告上。原告获取资产的权力延伸到在判决发生后取得的资产。这包含了域名和在线商业账户。在美国境内或者和美国境内的人开展业务而没有担心是不可能的。在某些情况下,对你的民事判决将对你未决或者今后的移民申请带来负面影响。





Q16.      What can an American lawyer do to help me?

问题16. 美国律师可以帮到我什么?


A16.      As an American lawyer, I and attorneys associated with my firm will work to protect your legal rights. We will examine your case, determine your legal rights and possible defenses, and do our best to ensure that your rights are protected. We strive to put you in the best position possible.

回答16. 作为一名美国律师,我和我们律师事务所相关的律师将致力于保护你的合法权利。我们会审查你的案件,确定你的合法权利和可能的辩护并尽最大努力使你的权益受到保护。我们将努力使你处在最有利的情形下。


Q17.      Will your firm file the Answer for me?

问题17. 你们律师事务所将会为我提交答复吗?


A17.      Yes, if you hire our firm, we will timely file the Answer when necessary.

回答17. 是的。如果你雇佣我们律师事务所,如果有必要我们会及时为你提交答复。


Q18.      Is it possible to negotiate a settlement with the trademark holder?

问题18. 有没有可能和商标所有人达成和解?


A18.      Yes. We will immediately contact the Plaintiff’s counsel to determine if settlement is an option.

回答18. 是的。我们会立刻和原告的律师联系以决定和解是否是一个选择。


Q19.      How much is your fee?

问题19. 你们收多少律师费?


A19.      Fees vary based on the difficulty of the case; the extent of the trademark violation, if any; the amount of money in the Paypal or other merchant account as well as other factors. Some cases may be accepted without an initial cash payment with our fee set as a percentage of the amount that is recovered from the seized accounts. The facts of some cases requires an initial cash payment.

回答19. 收费根据案件的难易程度和商标侵权的程度,Paypal里的金额如果涉及到的话或者其他商业账户以及其他影响因素而不同。很多案件我们接受不支付任何预付款,按扣押账户释放金额的某个百分比收费。有些案件我们需要收一些预付现金款。


Q20.      How do I retain The Law Office of L. Ford Banister, II to represent me in my trademark violation/ Intellectual Property Infringement case?

问题20. 我如何聘用L. Ford Banister律师事务所来代理我的商标侵权/知识产权侵权案件?


A20.      Contact The Law Office of L. Ford Banister, II via the Contact Us form on our website for Intellectual Property Infringement case. A representative of our office will contact you as soon as possible.

回答20. 通过网站上的联系表格和L. Ford Banister律师事务所联系进行商标/知识产权侵权辩护。我们律师事务所的人会尽快和你取得联系。

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